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Balloon Inflation Guide LATEX BALLOONS Latex balloons are the most commonly used balloons around. It comes in various sizes. Chart below shows the different size that are available in the market Helium Instructions   We have been asked why balloons sometimes carry a ‘Not suitable for helium-filling’ warning. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not that they’re dangerous when filled with…

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Balloon Bouquet Centerpiece

If you are having an event and want to incorporate balloons to the decoration, balloon bouquets may be the perfect option. These bouquets will add colour to the event space.  They are also an excellent choice if you are planning on a tight budget. 28 cm plain balloons are used for this Balloon Bouquet. Choose the balloon colour based on your theme For more…

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DIY – Party Backdrops

A backdrop is the perfect thing to incorporate into parties or gatherings. When people are celebrating under one roof, cameras will be out and ready to capture the moments, and having a colourful or theme background will get everyone excited. Backdrops can really set the mood of a party, and they pretty much guarantee awesome party pictures! Here are some great ideas on…

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